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The dwarfs have just produced enough value from the mountain range to declare that they are ready for their return journey.  Once at home, the tax will by in save repository. But every dwarf know that behind every rock and in every shadow lies a potentional enemy resting, wating to awake to the sound of joyfull songs. The treasure must be defended at all costs, so that the dwarfs can be part of the old stories one day. 

Controlls -You can move the camera with WASD or by moving the mouse to either screen sides. 
Select the units with classic rts controls. 
After you have selected units you can hold down the right mouse button and pan across where you want the units to go and defend. 
F - Button to switch between "follow" and "defend" mode. In follow mode your can only controll your cart. In defence mode you can only controll your units. 
R - Restart the game 
ESC - Exit the game


Horder Smorder.rar 29 MB

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